About the Course

"Discover Innate Meditation" provides an introduction to the foundations of this natural, intuitive approach to meditation. It is ideal both for those seeking a first introduction to meditation as well as those who have have tried meditation and are looking to enrich their personal experience.

The course has two parts.

  • Part One provides background to the course and involves three talks outlining the philosophy and principles of Innate Meditation, as well as some of the underlying science it draws on.
  • Part Two is a repertoire of 8 foundation meditation practices that address a range of key, human needs.

Each module in Part Two consists of three audio files, as follows:

  1. The first "About the Practice", introduces the meditation we'll be practising.
  2. Next, the "Practice" guides you through the meditation.
  3. Finally, "After the Practice" invites you to reflect on your experience, offering suggestions for how you might adapt it to suit your own personality and life.

You are free to pace your own learning experience. Here are a couple of ways you might do that:

  • Experience each module in the order given, or
  • Select one module based on an individual need, and move on to another module when you're ready.

Whichever approach is best for you, the guided meditations are there as a resource for you to reutrn to at any point in the future.

The recordings have been organised so that you can return easily to the 8 guided meditations (the Practices) long after you have finished the course. This is a library you can keep forever.


Read what a sample of my students and clients have to say about their experience of Innate Meditation.

You can find more testimonials at www.innatebeing.com.au

What's Inside

  • Brief Welcome Video
  • 27 audio files (5 hours total listening time)
  • Repertoire of 8 foundation practices with guidance on how to use and adapt
  • Work Book (downloadable PDF)
  • Brief Course Conclusion Video